Chapter Representative  

Stevenís musical interest began when his mother would sing gospel pearls and hymns and he would try to play the piano along with her. She observed his interest and encouraged him, then made him take lessons for a short while, but soon realized that wasnít working because he could only play what he heard. He learned at a more practical pace when playing for church services or practicing at home. By age 12, Steven was pianist for the youth choir as well as playing for testimony service at the First Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ (San Francisco) under the late Bishop M. S. Green. There, Steven played with Ernie Jackson, Louis Dawson, Leroy and Bennie Henderson. In 1967, the Lord called Deacon Elmo Roberts to organize the All Nations Pentecostal Church in Tracy, California. It was under his fatherís leadership, Steven confessed and received Christ as his personal savior.

For the next 8 years Stevenís only connection with other musicians was at statewide-conventions, by radio and buying every record/LP he could. His progress was tedious yet consistent learning came by listening, observation and asking questions at every opportunity. He was influenced greatly listening to James Cleveland, Mattie-Moss-Clarke, Edwin Hawkins, Helen Stephens, Alfred Bolden, Herbert Pickard, the Voices of Tabernacle and many local talents. As the Lord blessed and Steven availed his gift, God opened doors and more opportunities poured his way. In 1976 God gave him the gift of songwriting. His songs have since been recorded by Walter Hawkins, Byron Cage, Rev. Daryl Coley, James Cleveland, Vanessa Bell, Rev. Otis Floyd & New Jerusalem, Jeff Banks & Revival Temple, Lucretia Campbell, Thomas Whitfield, Donald Vails, New Jersey Mass, Aaron Lopez & NorCal Mass, GMWA Mass Choir, Men of Worship, GMWA NorCal Choir, Elizabeth Ayala, Reginald Finley, the Lighthouse Singers, the Voices of Christ and Dorothy Love-Thornton and Sacramento/Metro Choir to name a few. His songs can be found in the Catholic Youth Hymnal used in the Vatican, Hymns of Germany and soon to be published New National Baptist hymnal.

Being a noted Minister of Music is just a part of his life. He is also a husband and father - very blessed with a family that fully supports his ministry. He serves as Minister of Music for the Pilgrim Baptist Church of San Mateo CA (Dr Larry W. Ellis, Sr. Pastor) and was recently installed as Chapter Representative of the Northern California Chapter. In 1987 Steven was placed in a 5-year apprentice program by GMWA which gave training and background into the administrative area of the GMWA convention. In 1992, he was officially named to the Supervisory Staff of the Intíl GMWA Mass Choir serving under Ms. Rodena Preston (International Minister of Music) and Helen Stephens, co-chair. In 1996, Steven was appointed as co-chair and general director James Cleveland Gospel Chorus, one the most inspirational and fastest growing ministries in the organization.

Steven's daily responsibilities at Mills-Peninsula Health, Pilgrim Baptist Church, NorCal Mass and home life keeps his schedule totally full. He has conducted approximately 20+ gospel music workshops annually since 1979 and celebrated workshop #500 in 2001 in El Dorado Ark. He now conducts 10 annually while maintaining his job as senior MST-buyer for Mills-Peninsula Health Center in San Mateo CA., employed there for 32 years.

Steven "gives God all the the gloryĒ for giving him favor with his employer which has allowed him to travel the world and minister through music for more than 25 years.

Steven shall never forget the hands that carefully guided, trained, shaped and directed his life. He is thankful to God for his lovingkindness, great mercy and exceeding grace through Jesus Christ. He is thankful and grateful to God for his belated parents who gave biblical and spiritual guidance, direction, correction, teaching, training and encouragement. Steven says: ďI am the beneficiary of their humble benevolence to GodĒ.

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